Nightlife-London Series, 14 steps North Burghley Road

Nightlife is a journey where I go out at dawn with my hand held scanner to capture the organic life at night. The title, Nightlife, wants to play with expectations and with the tradition of Still Life. Nightlife evokes decadence and dancing parties. My images are showing another kind of life, one that is forgotten when the sun sets. Nature at night stands and lives for itself, away from our gaze. There is something secretive about these organisms that have a night life of their own. Life doesn’t need humans to be. Our arrogance makes us forget.

More particularly on the interest of using a hand held scanner, the ability to bring Technology to Nature, to their habitat, disturbing sleeping insects, is stimulating and bringing Promenade and Technology together is an enjoyable meditative process. This camera less or new photogram technique allows mobility – which is in tune with our growing way of life. The gesture also mimics the “rubbing” technique, this act of transferring a texture from real life to paper. I am transferring real life to jpeg to real life print – adding the texture of technology.

Work exhibited at The Re-Show, High Wycombe, UK

Nightlife-London Series, 44 steps South Burghley Road
Nightlife-London Series, 102 steps Fortess Road
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Nightlife-London Series, 202 steps Lady Somerset