FoldsandFaults - 2015
FoldsandFaults – 2015

The Seven Sisters National Park (England) series is part of a larger ongoing project exploring my global travels. Informed by ‘psychogeography’ as coined by the Situationist and through investigating episodic and semantic memory, the resulting work acts as a mediated index of the locality of the visited terrain through the collection of materials gathered as evidence of the visit. It also reinforces the dialogue between the various types of memory stated.

The overall process involves discovering a location and, while there, gathering material. Next, I create a cameraless photograph employing the use of a scanner, reconstructing a sensory memory of the location with chance, performance and time.

Exhibited at:
Show Off, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris and at art fairs such as Love Art Fair in Toronto and AFF in New York.

SevenSistersSeries StillLife1 - Fauna
Fauna – 2013
KMelancon_SevenSistersSeriesStillLife2 - Grass, Scrub, Woodland
Grass, Scrub, Woodland – 2013
KMelancon_SevenSistersSeriesStillLife3 - Muttons
Muttons – 2013
Erosion - 2015
Erosion – 2015